Sunday, November 18, 2012


Here are some character concepts I have been working on for a video game collaborative. Should have some more to show soon. We are starting our final for advanced perspective too, the task this week was to produce 80 thumbnails for scenes and shots throughout the project. Also produced some character concepts, armor designs to go along with. So some of these will be getting fleshed out into paintings this week. Very excited to start! Thanks for stopping by




Hey all, the other week we had to do a spread for a pre existing ip, so with the current release of Halo 4 I decided to go down that road. Chose to do a little action scene, up close and personal. Not exactly happy with it, so hopefully its something I can refine in the near future. Also some photos of my current sketchbook as well. more soon!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


oakie doakie... so this week we had a theme of greek myth! Here are my thumbnails, I am really looking forward to getting in a finishing some of these when I have time. The aim was to do 4 different camera angles, and to end up with for very different illustrations along the same theme.  Hopefully I can finish some of them and post them up soon. Thanks for stopping by guys, and critic is always much appreciated!